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Saying Goodbye to The Podcast Studio

It’s time to say goodbye to The Podcast Studio.

The Podcast Studio was the place that I started blogging about podcasting. I would write-up reviews of gear that you might use in the production of your podcast, highlight podcasts that I found particularly interesting and post some podcasting news once in a while. Over the last year I attempted to create a podcast network of shows using The Podcast Studio as the all-encompassing site. The shows have been fun, but the desire to put them under one large umbrella entity has waned.  And recently, last night actually, I received an email from my web hosting company, Webfaction, that the site is causing problems on the shared server that it lives on. It’s understandable, but that is the last straw. The Podcast Studio will cease to exist.

I’m currently migrating some of that content over to this website, particularly the Podcast Seminar series of posts as well as the Virtual Podcast Seminar eBook. Most of the podcast audio content is found on other sites now, so there’s no reason to keep it around.

In a matter of hours or days the domain name will forward back to this site.

Goodbye Podcast Studio!

New eBook!


Virtual Podcast Seminar eBook

For almost 5 years I’ve been blogging about podcasting.  One of the series of posts that I did in the past was something I called the Podcast Seminar.  It was a virtual podcast seminar that would show the beginning to intermediate podcast the basics of podcasting.  The posts have been very popular and are still available on the site.  However, it was in need of some updating and expanding.  Rather than put all that effort into more posts, I went ahead and rolled it up into an eBook.  That way  you can download and consume it in either print form or on your computer or other PDF compatible device.

Here are the topics covered in the eBook:

  • Choosing a topic for your podcast.
  • What length should your podcast be?
  • What type of podcast do you want to produce?
  • What equipment/software do you need?
  • Should your podcast be daily, weekly, monthly?
  • Creating your podcast with a blog.
  • Marketing your podcast.
  • Show notes and SEO: Why are they important?
  • Podcast metrics: Who’s listening?
  • Monetizing your podcast
  • Spreading the word through social networks.
  • The Wrap-Up

Thanks for visiting the site and for considering purchasing my ebook.  Good luck with your podcasting endeavors.

Virtual Podcast Seminar Ebook – Only $5