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Fat 2 Fit Radio

Fat 2 Fit Radio is a podcast, featuring Russ Turley and Jeff Ainslie. Each episode we share web sites, insights, information, recipes, weekly weigh-ins and more to help you go from fat to fit.

The show is not about fad diets, or get skinny quick schemes. We advocate weight loss through lifestyle change, not quick fixes – they simply don’t exist. Stop eating and acting like a fat person and start emulating the diet and habits of a fit person. During each episode we tackle one or more exercise, fitness or diet topics. Week after week if you incorporate the ideas and tips we’re sharing, you will lose weight and start looking and feeling better.

Mobile Podcast Web Apps

Quite a few years ago I created the mobile version of the Fat 2 Fit Radio site.  I took the main functionality from the main WordPress site and translated it using some neat tools, iWebKit and Simple Pie. The main thing that I wanted listeners to do was listen to the podcast on their iPhones. This combination of technology did exactly that. It worked so well that when it came time to create an actual iPhone app for the podcast, this same mobile interface was used as part of that app as well.  Additionally, this interface also powers the Fat 2 Fit Android application.

How about an example, you say?

Visit the following sites on your smartphone to see the interface in action.

You can use these tools for other projects as well.  Visit the links above for more information on how to use them.  For the podcaster out there that wants a simple interface for listeners to hear their shows, download Your Own Mobile Podcast Web App and see how it works for you.

If you’d like help creating a more complex web app for your podcast or business, contact me and let’s talk.

Podcast Seminar: What length should your podcast be?

This post continues the Podcast Seminar series. This week we answer the question, What length should your podcast be?

Stop WatchIt should be as long as it needs to be. There is no set length of podcast. Here at The Podcast Studio, when I do a podcast, which is very rare, it’s about 3 minutes to give you a quick blast of information about a product that I found interesting. On Fat 2 Fit Radio, my weekly podcast about dieting, weight loss and nutrition, the show is typically between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Keith and the Girl is a great comedy podcast that can’t get too long, 2 hours, bring it on.

According to, nationwide average drive-time is about 24.3 minutes. So if there is a sweet spot for podcasts, it’s going to be in the 20-30 minute range.

The bottom line is that the length of your podcast will be totally dependent on the amount of time needed to discuss all the topics that you cover. Don’t add more information that is necessary to fill up some imaginary time requirement. Also, don’t edit yourself to maintain some arbitrary show length.

Next time, What type of podcast do you want to produce?