Podcast Seminar: Should your podcast be daily, weekly, monthly?

This post continues the Podcast Seminar series. This week we answer the question, Should your podcast be daily, weekly, monthly?

How often do you want to do your podcast?

Do you have content to share with listeners every day? Podcast daily. Can you roll up that content and make it a weekly show? Podcast weekly.newspaper

It depends on the content you’re sharing. Sports scores of the Angels game is old news if offered up every week or worse by the month. But, the latest trades happening in baseball might work on a weekly basis. The biggest tip I can share with you here is BE CONSISTENT. If you do a weekly show, release a show weekly. Don’t be sporadic in your show schedule. Listeners have very little tolerance for shows that put out an episode only when they want to.  They’ll then apologize through the first half of the show explaining why they missed their scheduled release date.

Do yourself and your listeners a favor…Stick to a schedule.

Next time, Creating your podcast with a blog.

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